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Agora Sport Agora Sport
1104 Rue Lévis
Terrebonne (Quebec) J6W 4L1
Phone : 450-824-1900 (bureau)
Toll free : 1-866-664-1276
Email : info@agorasport.com
Agora Sport
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Specialized in... design, manufacturing and installation of all types of sporting equipment

Since its creation, AGORA has experienced a strong growth and has had great success thanks to its dynamic team and its outstanding customer service.


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About Us

Our History

The adventure begins!

Since its creation, AGORA has experienced a strong growth and has had great success thanks to its dynamic team and its outstanding customer service. Having its headquarters in a building of ± 2000 sq. ft. in Montreal, needless to say, we had to be creative to support the company's evolution.


At that time, we had developed only two rink models. The AGORA 2000 rink system for arenas was made of fully welded galvanized steel in a continuous structure. The manufacturing method meant that the rink was made directly in your arena.


We also invented a modular aluminum ice rink model that met the needs of cities and municipalities for outdoor rinks by providing a removable and sustainable structure to replace the traditional wood rink. The AGORA 500 system has been so successful, that even today, this model has not found its equal on the market.


Already too small!

4 years later, the team made the decision to give itself the means of its ambitions by moving into a building of ± 4000 sq.ft. in Laval. This would allow the company to combine its strengths and energy in the manufacturing method of pre-manufacturing in the factory.


This change meant that the AGORA 2000 model structures would now be 100% manufactured in 7.3 meter long sections in our workshop and then shipped to the arenas for installation, plastic covering and to finalize its installation.


Always bigger!

The ever-increasing demand joined with an opportunity, AGORA doubles its production area by using the adjacent building that has just been vacated. At this moment, the team allows itself to see further in prefabricated construction.


Something new in the family!

Thanks to the latest expansion and a strong desire for accomplishment, we have pushed the prefabricated manufacturing technique to its full potential. The company launched a new aluminum arena rink model, the AGORA 1000 system, entirely manufactured in factory in sections of 2.4 meter.


and why not?

With the enormous success of the 100% factory prefabricated system, the company decides to revise its large fully welded system in a continuous structure and took the complete turn towards prefabricated construction by launching its new model, the AGORA 1500, which was going to replace the AGORA 2000 model.


Nothing can stop us...

Inspired by the constantly satisfied customers' demands the company decides to move its headquarters again to a bigger building of ± 16,000 sq. ft. in Terrebonne. This change allows the company to increase its production capacity, to develop new products and new markets.


AQAIRS emeritus business member!

After several years, this nomination is in great importance for the team because it acknowledges all the work accomplished over the years. Moreover, this is awarded directly by our customers.


Zam... uh no, Olympia and we start from Zero!

After concluding a commercial agreement with Olympia ice resurfacer manufacturer, the team decided to create a new company division and named it ZERO CELSIUS. This new branch aims to introduce the complete range of ice surfacing products and service. To do so, the company increases its premises to +/- 25,000 sq. ft. in total.


Today the AGORA GROUP is strengthening its position as a sport and recreation leader by offering its full line of exclusive ice rinks, its full line of electronic display products, a large inventory of replacement parts, its full line of seats and lockers and finally, its full range of ice resurfacers and ice edgers.