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Agora Sport Agora Sport
1104 Rue Lévis
Terrebonne (Quebec) J6W 4L1
Phone : 450-824-1900 (bureau)
Toll free : 1-866-664-1276
Email : info@agorasport.com
Agora Sport
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Specialized in... design, manufacturing and installation of all types of sporting equipment

Since its creation, AGORA has experienced a strong growth and has had great success thanks to its dynamic team and its outstanding customer service.


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Arena Equipement / Electrical vertical lift gate

8010 Serie

Electrical vertical lift gate

Electrical vertical lift gate
This electric door system with vertical movement activated by remote control allows access to the ice resurfacer or any other type of equipment inside the rink. This type of door is mainly used when the distance between the dasherboard and the wall is restricted and also to secure access to ice when the ice resurfacer is in operation.
Product number:
 8010-0001 vertical lift gate